What's next? This is a complex question for families who have an adult with a developmental disability.

Is now the time for independent living?

What care will my loved one receive?

How can I find a place that feels like home?

For decades you've been not only a parent, but a caregiver and lifeline for your child. You need support for the transition, and a nurturing place where they are valued—a home where they can grow relationships.

We understand your concerns, and our doors are open. Come visit—let us welcome you to our home, where a longtime network of Direct Support Professionals (DSP) are deeply committed to your family member's needs.

  • RHA is an extension of your family, and we have a passion for helping and protecting.
  • We face challenges together, and our tenured DSP team is a constant with 60% on staff for a decade or longer.
  • Our services are licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.
  • We are members of the Ohio Provider Resource Association and CREST Network.

November & December Events!

“I have a strong belief in equal rights for people with developmental disabilities. I get to protect them and be a positive influence on their quality of life.”

—Nathan Stevens, Direct Support Professional at RHA