Celebrating Pete!

From Issue 2, 2021 Newsletter

This space on page 1 of each Resident Home newsletter has been reserved for a message from Pete Roll since he became Executive Director in 2009. There will be no message from Pete in this space at this time, but rather a message about Pete, as he prepares for his retirement on December 31, 2021.

It was a different world and different RHA when Pete began his service on October 5, 1987.

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Brenda and Pete

No one would have applauded Pete Roll's leadership as executive director more than Brenda Whitney, Resident Home's first executive director, with Pete succeeding her as the second. She continued as his mentor and confidante following her retirement and his friend until her death.

We remember Steve

From Issue 2, 2021 Newsletter

Nowhere at Resident Home is the loss of Steve Shock felt more deeply than at our Greenhill home, his home since he joined our extended family in 2002. His 72 years were filled with the love of family and joy in exploring his many interests. In all the ways we remember him, the photo of him in his chef hat speaks to his adventurous spirit. He really liked the adventure of cooking and wanted to be called Chef Steve. He wore his hat and his chef coat when he helped prepare meals as part of our Adult Day program in the kitchen at the office. It wasn't Wednesday at RHA without Chef Steve putting his special touches on the meal.

Everything Steve did, he did with passion. He gave 100% to the things he loved. Bowling was one of those things, out in the community at bowling centers, as well as at home with hours of Wii bowling so he could always be improving on his personal best. He also loved cars, which included admiring them at the antique car shows he attended. He enjoyed looking through car magazines, dreaming about the ones he wanted. He was especially proud of being a college student and would often be seen wearing his Sinclair Community College t-shirt to show his school spirit. He took such pride in the ongoing art classes he took at Sinclair.

He retired from MONCO after many years and was happy to have so much time to pursue so many of his interests. Nothing meant as much to him as family, those who became his family at Greenhill, and none more important than his father. He enjoyed the times they spent together, whether it was weekend visits or just a few minutes.

We remember Steve for a life well lived, struggling still with the loss, yet filled with gratitude because his life was a gift to us all.


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