It's natural to have questions before applying for a new job.

Here are a few answers to questions that you might have.

Will there be other staff in the home with me?

This depends on the location and time of day. Generally in the smaller homes, staff tend to work alone. In the larger homes there are usually 2-3 staff during non-sleep hours.

Will I get paid for going to training?

Yes. All required training time is paid time and fees for certifications for skills like CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration are covered by Resident Home.

How will I know what to do?

Employees are trained on the specific needs of the residents and the homes where they are assigned. All employees receive a minimum of 80 training hours before they can work independently.

Will I get hurt by the individuals?

While most residents are not violent or aggressive, there can be situations when a resident can be agitated or threatening. We train all staff in ways to prevent or manage these incidents.

“If you run into a situation you don't know how to deal with, there's always someone to turn to if you have a question.”

—Caitlin, Direct Support Professional at RHA

Do I have to pay my own admission cost on outings?

No, the cost for community outings for staff is covered.

Do residents go to their family’s home on the weekends?

Depending on the individual circumstances, residents may visit family and friends for weekends, holidays or day visits.

Is there paid time off?

As part of our benefit package, Resident Home offers vacation time, sick leave and holiday time. Additional information will be provided in the interviewing process.

Will I be working in different homes?

Unless hired as a "float staff" employees are usually assigned to the same location. After 6-months employees may be allowed to work hours at different locations.

Do I have a set schedule?

While there may be occasional minor adjustments based on the needs in the home, employees are given a pre-determined schedule. Overtime hours are usually available.

What other benefits are offered?

  • Health Insurance – 85% Employer paid
  • Dental Insurance – Single Coverage (free), Family Coverage (discount)
  • Life Insurance – 100% Employer paid $25,000 policy
  • Long Term Disability – 100% Employer paid Policy
  • Retirement Plan – 100% Employer Contribution
  • In addition we offer access to additional Employee paid Life Insurance, Short Term Disability, Accident Insurance and Retirement Savings opportunities.