You have a lot of questions as you help your loved one with a development disability.

We're ready to listen and answer any questions you have. Below are a few questions that we often hear.

How do you handle my family member’s benefits?

Resident Home Association coordinates all funding for the individuals we serve. We manage all Medicaid funding and Room & Board by coordinating all benefits your family member receives. We maintain eligibility with all benefit providers as the Representative Payee/Authorized Representative and provider of service.

How much money does my family member get per month to spend?

This varies based on the benefits each individual person receives.

Can my family member keep their own doctors/dentist?

We prefer continuity of care and we strive to keep each individual with their preferred medical provider.

Can I attend the medical appointments too?

While our experienced staff does very well with medical appointments, you're welcome to attend if desired.

How do you handle medications?

All RHA staff are trained in Medication Administration with ongoing training. We follow physician’s orders regarding medications including times/dosage/frequency. We only administer medication with a doctor’s written order.

How do you handle dietary needs?

RHA encourages residents to follow their physician’s orders regarding diets, such as diabetic, low sodium, high fiber, etc. We strive to provide healthy nutritional food choices to everyone we serve.

Can I take my family member home/on vacation/out to eat?

Yes, just let us know, so we can get their clothes, medication and money ready for you.

Can I stop by for dinner?

Yes, but let us know so we can plan enough servings.

Can I bring take-out food/snacks/etc. for my family member?

Yes, we ask that you please be respectful of the other individuals in the house when considering this gesture.

Can I visit any time I want?

You're welcome to visit any time. We ask that you please be considerate of the other individuals in the house. You never need to call, but you take the chance that your family member is out having fun!

My family member has a very active social life. Will they be able to continue to enjoy their social activities?

We strive to maintain active social lives for all individuals we serve.

Can my person keep their current Day Programs/Employment?

Day Programming/Employment is an integral part of the lives of each individual we serve and we will strive to accommodate their choice. The biggest challenge is transportation.

Can my family member go to their own church?

We strive to accommodate the choices of each individual we serve within the limitations of our staffing and transportation.